Zor to Zee Communications

Zor to Zee texting improves franchisee engagement and system performance.

How it benefits you

Use opt-in key words withadvertising

2- way texting for reps no more rogue cell phones

Patented TCPA complianceusing AI

Auto-Drip Campaigns

Integrated CRM & Appt. Scheduling

Integrated CRM & Appt.Scheduling


Reminder & Alert Programs

Help remind clients about their appointments through timely text reminders sent entirely automatically

Recurring Campaigns

Set up recurring bulletins/training tips to go out via text

RSVP Campaigns

Send out convention reminders and get RSVPs for programs

Support via Texting

Promote conversations with clients and keep entire history for later reference

Self-service Appointments

Scheduling integrates with all major calendar systems which lets franchisees book appointments with staff

Answer Franchisees on the Go

Respond to incoming texts conveniently while on the go, from your own mobile phone without revealing your mobile number for privacy


Text Enable Local Phone #

Engage clients in a human-to-human dialog using dedicated, local phone numbers provided by us or text-enable your existing landline/toll-free numbers

TCPA Compliance with AI

Automatically catches other comments or questions beyond STOP to opt-out prospects

Self- Service Appointments & Reminders

Works with all major calendar systems so let prospects book a convenient time to talk

Trigger Message Via CRM

Textellent integrates with your existing CRM system using APIs

Brand Keywords for Opt-In

Improve your advertising using short code keywords with response from rep’s #

Pre & Post Appointment Drip Campaigns

Send out materials to make prospect calls as effective as possible

Let's brainstorm

Set up a time to brainstorm how business texting can help you achieve your goals for 2020

About Us

Textellent is a leading SMS communications & campaign platform unique to franchise organizations. We offer automated, integrated yet personalized texting for marketing, sales, customer service, FranDev & Zor-to-Zee engagement. Patented AI-powered TCPA compliance & self-service appointments.